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24x7 Mobile Detailing Services
Serving Upscale Clientele in Houston, The Woodlands & Surrounding Areas | 281.203.0058
As the finest mobile auto detailing service in Houston and surrounding areas, The Connection works exclusively with luxury vehicles and clientele. The Connection delivers exceptional auto detailing for high-end and luxury cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, boats, golf carts and more.

Appearance is everything.  Save yourself time and hassle while protecting your investment and let our professional Master Detailers restore your vehicle, motorcycle, jet, or watercraft to it's original pristine state!

Have a question, concern, or an urgent situation?  Give us a call 24x7: 281.203.0058 (Yes, we are fully insured).
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What is Detailing?
It's Protecting Your Investment.
Contrary to popular belief, mobile auto detailing isn’t just about getting a car wash. In a routine car wash, you often tend to miss the bigger picture in getting it clean. Detailing isn’t about simply ridding your auto of dirt and dust built-up, but about protecting your investment.
Whether it’s the damage of Mother Nature or general wear and tear from daily exposure, The Connection specialists know what your vehicle requires to be free of elements that can corrode its vital parts and depreciate its beauty and worth, as well as help protect it in the future.

Over time, elements that cause your car to get dirty can get deep inside various parts and further wear away at the original luster of the car. Long term exposure and lack of protection will cause irreparable damage and seriously deteriorate its value.

The Connection utilizes top-of-the-line products that would normally cost the average consumer thousands or more to buy. These professional-grade resources will help keep your exterior paint rehydrated, which gives you a healthy shine on your car, while removing minimal blemishes. Additionally, waxes are applied during detailing that will help protect your vehicle from weathering through any season of the year. Furthermore, any exterior chrome and polished aluminum that has become dull from the mileage, we offer the detailing resources that bring back its luster and shine through intense cleaning and polishing.

Service Overview
The Connection provides full service, interior and exterior auto detailing including a hand car wash, clay bar surface contaminate removal, polish (from 1 to 4 stages), hand wax, interior auto leather cleaning and conditioning, paint and headlight and plastics restoration, wheel and tire dressing, paint and leather damage correction, scratch and swirl mark removal, rock chip repair, and so much more.

And, knowing that motorcycle detailing in the area is difficult to find, we make it one of our specialties by paying close attention to exposed motor, chrome and nickel plating and other motorcycle-specifics to bring it back to better-than-new condition. We are sure to provide rock chips, scuffs, scrapes, and scratch removal services. We can service BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Hayabusa, Honda, Victory and more.  
Hassle Free - We Come To You!
BRONZE Package | 3+ Labor Hours
For well kept or garaged vehicles
  • • Full exterior detail including complete body and tire wash, clay bar, spray wax. 
  • • Interior detail including interior vacuum, leather clean, interior protectant applied to plastic and vinyl surfaces.
  • • Exterior plastic protectant application.
  • • Wheel polish with tire protectant application.
  • • Headlight protectant application.
  • • Interior and exterior glass cleaning and polish.
  • • Exterior chrome cleaning.
  • • Bids starting at $269 for cars.
  • • Bids starting at $299 for SUV/trucks.
  • • Bids starting at $249 for motorcycles.
  • • Recommended for relatively well-kept and garaged vehicles.
Silver Package | 4-6+ Labor Hours
Recommended for most first time clients
  • Bronze level options included in this package, plus:
  • • Single stage tailored polish of all painted surfaces to advanced paint cleaner application to rehydrate paint and improve luster, while removing minor swirls, fine scratches and minimal blemishes.
  • • Advanced hand applied crystal cream wax applique on horizontal surfaces for added depth and silkiness.
  • • Exterior chrome/polished aluminum clean and polish.
  • • Doorjamb seal clean and protection application.
  • • Advanced interior leather protectant application.
  • • Bids starting at $379 for cars.
  • • Bids starting at $419 for SUV/trucks.
  • • Bids starting at $289 for motorcycles.
  • • Recommended for most first-time clients and non-garaged vehicles.
Gold Package | 8+ Labor Hours
Recommended for most exotic cars
Required for certain Rolls-Royce, Maybach, Bentley, Pagani, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Koenigsegg
  • Silver Level options included in this package, plus:
  • • Plus, an additional two-stage polish treatment that will further improve shine while removing swirls, spider webbing, light-to-medium scratches, blemishes, scuffs, and minimal staining (this is necessary for most black vehicles and any with tree sap damage, bug impacts and bird droppings).
  • • A rich, long-life solid Ivory Carnuba wax treatment that will add stunning depth, liquidity, and buttery smoothness coupled with maximum protection.
  • • Exterior chrome and polished aluminum triple stage clean and polish.
  • • Clean and detail of underhood-if degreasing is not required.
  • • Bids starting at $449 for cars.
  • • Bids starting at $599 for SUV/truck.
  • • Bids starting at $329 for motorcycle.
  • • Recommended for Alfa-Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maybach, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Pagani and Koenigsegg that have not been well cared for (due to the nature of the paint and the materials painted in these makes) and for those desiring breathtaking results.
Platinum Package | 24-100 Labor Hours
For restoring luxury, classic, limited edition, or collector vehicles to a like-new or better-than-new condition
  • • A Connection Master Detailer will perform a meticulous cleaning and protection of every inch of the interior and exterior, completely customized to fit your particular vehicles unique needs.  
About Us
Meet Master Detailer Philip Smith
Our owner and Master Detailer Philip Smith has nearly two decades of automotive experience, detailing everything from Ford to Ferrari.  Famed for his ability to make paint look better than new, his work has caught the eye of Porsche, Ferrari, and Alfa-Romeo.   Philip works with a hand-picked, carefully trained, and insured detailing specialist to ensure your investment remains pristine.  

As the finest leading mobile auto detailing service in Houston and surrounding areas and private clients all over Texas, The Connection works exclusively with luxury vehicles and clientele. The Connection delivers exceptional auto detailing for high-end and luxury cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, boats, golf carts and more. We can accommodate clients on a single or a routine monthly appointment, at any desired location.

Whether it’s the daily cruiser or a collectible car, experience breathtaking detailing service – tailored exclusively for luxury vehicles.

Just a few of the beauties The Connection specializes in include: Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Lexus, Maserati, Maybach, Mercedes, Porsche, Rolls Royce and various domestic and import classic cars.

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